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MM2H - Malaysia My Second Home

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As an MM2H holder, I feel fortunate to live in a country that offers such incredible benefits to expats and retirees from all over the world. Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, with friendly locals, as well as stunning natural landscapes and delicious cuisine. But what really makes Malaysia stand out is the MM2H, Malaysia My Second Home visa, which provides a plethora of benefits to its holders. In this article, I'll share my personal experiences and insights on the many benefits of Malaysia's Golden Visa, MM2H.

Low Cost of Living

One of the most significant benefits of the MM2H visa is Malaysia's low cost of living. This means that your retirement savings can stretch way, way further than they would in most other countries at Malaysia's advanced developmental level. For example, you can easily find a comfortable apartment for under RM 1,500 per month and a meal at a local eatery can cost as little as RM 5. This low cost of living also extends to healthcare, transportation and entertainment, making Malaysia a very affordable and super-attractive option for retirees and expats alike.

Boost in Purchasing Power

Another advantage of living in Malaysia is the boost in purchasing power that comes from converting foreign currency to the Malaysian ringgit. For example, if you're converting euros, dollars, or Singapore dollars, you'll find that your money goes much further in Malaysia than it would in your home country. This means you can enjoy a higher standard of living and can indulge in more activities and luxuries, whether it's a country club membership, dining out at high-end restaurants or exploring the country's natural wonders by private transport.

Stunning Natural Landscapes

Speaking of natural wonders, Malaysia's scenery is truly breathtaking. From the lush rainforests of Taman Negara to the stunning beaches and castaway islands around Tioman, there's no shortage of natural beauty to explore. And with Malaysia's warm and sunny weather year-round, it's easy to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Friendly Locals and Appealing Culture

One of the things that sets Malaysia apart is the kindness and hospitality of its people. Malaysians are known for their friendliness and it's easy to make new friends and connections here. Additionally, Malaysia is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage, so there's always something new to learn and explore. From traditional festivals to modern art exhibitions, there's never a shortage of cultural events and activities to enjoy.

At Least 10-Year Visa Duration

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of the MM2H visa is its duration. The visa is valid for a minimum of 10 years, which provides stability and security for aspiring expats and retirees who want to make Malaysia their home. Better yet, MM2H allows for multiple entries and exits, so you can easily travel in and out of the country without having to worry about renewing your visa each time.

Tax Exemptions for Offshore Income

Finally, it's worth noting that all MM2H holders are exempt from tax on their offshore income. This means that if you have income from sources outside of Malaysia, be it a pension, rental, dividends etc, you won't have to pay any taxes on that income while you're living in Malaysia. This is a significant benefit for retirees who have passive income streams or who continue to work remotely while living in Malaysia. This, for me, has been priceless. Almost literally :)

Sure, uprooting to a new land may not be for everyone and it's not something to ever be taken likely. But that said, I feel that given all these awesome benefits and with the world getting smaller and smaller every day, moving to a country where you can truly live the life makes a lot of sense. After all, YOLO :)