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Nitrox Diving in Tioman

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Pretty much the international scuba community knows that Tioman, located so close the Folden Triagle as it is, boasts some of the most crystal-clear water in the world, brimming with corals and a wide diversity of exotic wildlife. Not only regular scuba divers, buy Nitrox divers from around the world, too, are attracted by Tioman's huge diving potential.

Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute underwater world
Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute underwater world

Tioman's amazing corals gardens and generally mild diving conditions make for an ideal Nitrox diving environment. Incidentally, for the unintiated, Nitrox diving is also known as EANx diving, which is the other term used for this kind of diving by the diving industry.

Nitrox tanks are marked conspicuously so as not to be mistaken for regular air tanks
Nitrox tanks are marked conspicuously so
as not to be mistaken for regular air tanks

So what its it that makes for an ideal diving environment? A sea that's at a constant and comfortable water temperature and currents that rarely pose an obstacle to the diving.

The benefits of Nitrox?

Nitrox Diving:

On average, twice a year, Tioman's dive center provides a fully equipped diving vessel for an unforgettable five full days Nitrox diving expedition to some of the best WWII ship wrecks around Tioman Island. The objective of these Nitrox Diving trips is to dive to some of the betterl-documented WWII wrecks, including HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales. Additionally, but this goes without saying, we're aiming to experience Nitrox diving at its most exhiliarting.

Nitrox tanks are marked consipcuously so as not to be mistaken for regular air tanks
Nitrox divers can go deeper and last longer

Now, so that as much daylight time can be spent diving as possible, most of the traveling will be done at night-time. Not only is this more efficient, but it will also increase the setting of the dives, given that this is the exact same stealth mode of traveling applied by the very vessels we'll be diving back when they were still in operation. Of course back then, this was a life-death decision, in order to reduce the odds of being spotted by the enemy, who patroled the area in other vessels, submarines and surveiilnce airplanes.

For many divers in the Nitrox Diving trips, this one-of-a-kind experience of sailing Tioman's history-laden seas at night was one of the reasons for the appeal of the course.

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Minimum of Nitrox Diver Certification. NOTE: Tioman's Nitrox Diving trips tend to be fully booked well in advance.

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