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Wall Bouldering in Tioman

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Bouldering is a relatively recent form of rock climbing that, typically, is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. Climbing the rock structure can thusly be done without feeling encumbered by all the usual safety gear associated with most other kinds of rock climbing.

Bouldering, Tioman's new fun exercise
Bouldering, Tioman's new fun exercise

This freestyle aspect of bouldering makes this discipline very appealing to many climbers.

That said, whilst bouldering can be practiced without the use of any type of equipment whatsoever, given that the height of the wall tends to not exceed dangerous levels, most bouldering climbers still prefer to at least use bouldering shoes to assist with getting a secure foothold, as well as chalk to maintain dry palms and fingers. Additionally, oftentimes, some kind of padding is placed on the ground below, so as to prevent any injuries from accidental falls.

Every wall has its own ideal pathway to the top, and to successfully navigate it to the top, you need to work it out. Depending on body type and personal strengths, your ideal pathway up may well be different from other climbers. For instance, tall climbers have longer limbs and can reach for certain holds that are out of reach to shorter climbers.

Conversely, shorter climbers have more options in the cramped wall sections than tall climbers, who are now over-limbed so to speak. This is what makes bouldering fun and challenging.

And now you can try your hand at bouldering in Tioman too. Whether it's your first time climbing a rock wall, or you're an experienced rock climber, come and have a go...

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