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Tioman Skimboarding

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As a result of the gradual slope of some of Tioman's beaches and the pretty compacted nature of the sand here, Tioman, and in particular Juara Beach, offer awesome skimboarding. In fact, what makes Juara so unique is the way the sand is quite water-saturdated and, as such, can support a really thin layer of water, which is ideal for creating a loooong smooth glide.

Juara's gradually sloping beach is prime skimboard territory
Juara's gradually sloping beach is prime skimboard territory

Give skimboarding a go when the high tide is coming up. The water will reach a higher part of the beach progressively and will take longer to recede. Longer rides guaranteed!

Sikimboarding in Tioman = fun in the sun!

Now, to get to Juara, just take the ferry from Mersing, on the mainland of Malaysia's east coast. Once the ferry has reached the village of Tekek, you'll hear the ferry cabin crew make the announcement. Usually they holler "Tekek!" or "Berjaya!", which is name of the largest resort in Tekek. When you hear this being called out, disembark the ferry and make your way to the Tekek ferry terminal.

Along the way there, you'll be met by all kinds of providers of activities, all keen to have you sign on to them. If you want, you can of course, but it's probably best to just accept their leaflelts for now, so you can contemplate your choice at your leisure later.

You'll also find there are 4WD taxis at the terminal and it's one of these you need to take to go Juara, since Juara doesn't have a ferry stop of its own. But, the Tekek to Juara drive, at 30 minutes max, is nothat long and actually quite exciting, because the road is pretty rough and tuble, and the jungle scenery is amazing. Think: Jurassic World.

Incidentally, if your Juara resort has already arranged your drive across from Tekek, then you won't need to take a taxi yourself of course. There will be one waiting for you instead.

Now, if you're considering bringing your own skimboard but you haven't got one yet, have a look here for a great skimboarding deal at Amazon.

Have a good one!

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