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Tioman nightlife: bars, pubs and cafes

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Looking for Tioman nightlife and a pub kind of feel? There are about half a dozen bars in Tioman that offer a laid-back after-hours atmosphere with chillax ambient music and great beach locations.

Most of the bars serve anything from beer to cocktails and liquor, all of which tend to be cheaper than alcohol sold on the mainland, mostly because Tioman was granted duty-free zone status in 2004. Some bars offer to do bonfire nights on the beach, which never fail to liven up the night.

Speaking of livening up the night: if you're hoping to pump up the nightlife a little, then why not try a pub-crawl. The following bars are tried and true, guaranteed worth swinging by :)

Kampong Salang
Four S Cafe
Ella's Place

Kampong ABC
Hallo Café
B&J Bar
Sunset Corner (Nazri's place)

Between Kampong ABC and Kampong Tekek
Ari's Cafe

Kampong Tekek
Tioman Cabana Bar

Kampong Genting
Bar Rumah

Kampong Juara
Santai Bistro

Do note, however, that Tioman is a Malay community and, as such, it behooves all punters to make sure that this is respected and that some sense of decorum is maintained.

And whilst we're all still sharp. Please also note that there are other reasons to not go overboard on the alcoholic beverages.

For example, if you're going to be spending time scubadiving in Tioman, then obviously, alcohol, certainly excessive alcohol, is a definite no-no. Let's be frank: alcohol and scubadiving don't really mix well. Please don't become a statistic.

Also, Tioman's hot sunny weather tends to dehydrate the body way quicker than temperate climates.

Add to this the dehydrating effects of beer, wine and liquor and your odds of serious dehydration go up commensurately.

Last thing you want on your tropical paradise holiday is to be down for the count for a few days, just because you over-imbibed in the booze.

In short: If you want to drink, please drink moderately.