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Tioman Freediving

Scuba diving - Jungle trekking - Snorkeling - Kitesurfing - Eco-tourism - Kayak angling
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Freediving in Tioman, a unique experience

The exciting sport of freediving has been taking off around the world for several years now. The reasons for the ever-growing popularity of freediving are quite simple: almost everyone who engages in freediving, experts and learners alike, quickly realizes just how accessible freediving really is.

Freediving in Tioman is a wonderfully immersive way of being one with nature. Once you've experienced the utter bliss of being completely in synch with Tioman's awesome underwater world, you'll never look back. Once you've felt the natural weightlessness of Tioman's friendly sea and the ultimate serenity of our warm sheltered waters, you too will be hooked, a freediver for life.

After following our freediving course, you'll be able to dive down safely to 20, 30 meters or more on a single breath of air. We'll train you to be able to stay underwater for minutes at a time. In fact, freediving is a great meditative sport because it enables you to safely push your physical boundaries and helps you understand both your body and your mind.

Freediving history

Freediving is a sport with quite a long history. But it's recent advances in our knowledge of Human Biology and Physiology especially, as well as our ever-improving freediving training techniques, that led to various new records being set in the past few years. World-class freedivers now almost routinely exceed depths and breath-hold periods that a mere decade ago were simply unthinkable by medical professionals.

By joining our freediving class, you'll master some of the techniques used by freedivers to enhance breath-hold times and your freediving depth. And all the while, the emphasis is on safety.

Awesome benefits of freediving

Apart from the unique experience that our freediving course offers, freediving with us will also help you become much more efficient at using your available air while you're on your next scuba-dive dive trip. After completing our course, you'll find that you're able to prolong your dives almost effortlessly. In fact, freediving training is the perfect exercise for all snorkeling, spearfishing or scuba diving adventures.

Our 4-lesson freediving course includes:

* Learn how to breathe up, freediving warmups, and target stretching
* We'll go over the basics of the physiology of freediving
* We'll also cover various crucial safety points; techniques to keep your safe and basic rescue
* Next, we'll learn static breath-holding: packing, hook-breathing, negative drills etc.
* Dynamic: Improve your form and technique in swimming for distance on a single breath
* Evaluation to fine-tune your freediving technique and perfect skill, comfort and safety aspects

Whether you're a pretty decent freediver or you want to learn from scratch how to enjoy the sea's natural treasures on one lung-full of air, get in touch with us using below form.

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Freediving in Tioman
Freediving in Tioman Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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The thrill of freediving is unlike anything you've felt before
The thrill of freediving

Freediving, free as a fish
Freediving, free as a fish

Close encounters of the freediving kind
Close encounters of the freediving kind

Pre-freedive briefing to ensure all safety aspects are covered
Pre-freedive briefing

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